Birth Defects and Injuries

Talk to us and we will assess whether you have a case for compensation for your suspected birth injury or birth defect.

Injury caused during birth can result in a range of birth defects which can have a long-term and serious effect on the child’s life and health into adulthood.

Here at O’Hare Solicitors, we have many years of experience in dealing with the complexity of these investigations and injury claims. So, if you or your child has been impacted by the result of a birth defect, it could be that you are entitled to compensation for your injury.

Our team’s experience in medical negligence inrelation to birth defects and brain injury as a result of birth crosses many decades.Our team of legal experts can draw on this pool of experience to investigate,build, fight and win your case for birth negligence. We can help you win thecompensation you deserve and need.

Can I claim compensation for birth defects or cerebral palsy?

If you or a loved one are living with cerebral palsy, a birth defect or brain injury as a result of childbirth, you may be entitled to compensation.

O’Hare Solicitors can use their expertise to investigate your case and help to determine if you are entitled to compensation and if so, the level you may be able to claim.

We will work alongside you to determine what happened during the birth process which may have caused your loved one’s birth defect. 

Our medical legal experts will use their expertise to establish where there may be a case for medical negligence.

We aim to ensure that problems and errors which occurred during birth are highlighted and prevented in the future. We understand how difficult it can be for victims to come forward and the length of time it takes for victims to recognise that their physical problems are caused as a result of their birth.

We want to ensure that you get the long-term care, support and compensation you require to make sure that you can improve your life and are adequately compensated.

What kinds of negligence can occur during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and the subsequent birth process is a sensitive and important time for the health of the baby and mother. There are many opportunities to ensure the health of both the mother and baby. Sometimes, however, things go wrong.

For example:

  • Inability of medical team totreat infection
  • Improper monitoring of fetalheartbeat
  • Improper detection of maternal orfetal distress and subsequently failing to carry out a Caesarean section.
  • Improper use of birth assisting tools such as forcepsusing too much force or traction

What kinds of birth defects can occur?

Birth defects may only become apparent months or years following birth. The birth process is often traumatic, and injuries caused are not always obvious.

Birth defects can result in:

  • Shoulder injury or dystocia dueto birth trauma causing long-term nerve damage and inability to develop normally
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Brain injury
  • Fractures  

Long-term consequences of birth injury

  • Weakening of joints
  • Inadequate development of jointssuch as shoulders or neck
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Impaired cognitive development

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