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Education in 2020 as a result of COVID-19

Posted on 13th August 2020 by wsidigitalweb

The last thing you most likely would expect is that your child or children during their school years would need recourse to legal advice and assistance for a decision that potentially could have a serious and detrimental effect on their future education, development and well-being.

O’Hare Solicitors have expertise and experience in judicially reviewing decisions of authorities and helping aggrieved parents and pupils in the past, and in particular with regard to legal challenges to the schools admissions criteria where a school has either not followed the admission criteria in the first instance or not followed it properly. We have successfully acted for parents in appeals to the Admission Appeals Tribunal leading to the child being admitted to the school of their choice.

Visit our page Education 2020 – COVID-19 for more information

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